Writing For Cash Online Is A Lonely Job

Writing for cash online sounds very good on paper.

After all, you are working at your own time, and in the comfort of your bedroom, or kitchen or study room.

The problem comes when you have to write every day.

You start to realize that probably writing for cash online is not your cup of tea.

Imagine your parents watching TV, and laughing at the funny shows. Imagine your children playing hide and seek , and their laughter echoes throughout the house.

You are the only one in the family who are still working hard.

When you stare at the blank page, willing for the elusive

ideas and words, you wonder why you give yourself such a boring task.

Writing for cash online is a lonely job.

Your family will not understand the pain you go through, nor the disappointment to see the page views for each article remains at single digit.

They cannot understand why you want to sacrifice your evenings to earn a few miserable pennies.

They cannot understand the achievement of writing articles after articles, or the appreciative comment made by readers.

When you need support, you are not likely to get it from your friends and relatives. They are not writing for cash online. They are not willing to work hard to earn anything online.

Even when you can show them the money you make online, you cannot convince them to join you in this quest.

That is why writing for cash online is such

a lonely job.

How can you overcome the occasion thought of giving up?

If you truly enjoy penning your thoughts, you will not give up. You are not likely to find another outlet to release your frustration and anger.

You can take the time to read and comment on the other nicely articles. You will find that you are not the only one who are struggling so hard.

You can dream of the future. At the rate of an article a day, you will have a thousand articles within 3 years. You will have more than 3000 articles in less than ten years.

That is only possible when you do not give up writing for cash online.

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