Writing For Money And Writing For Fun

There is a negative correlation between writing for money and writing for fun.

I am speaking from my personal experience.

Writing for money is not fun. In fact, writing for money is a perfectly boring task.

I need to do keyword research, research for material, and then write a series of articles.

There is hardly any fun writing about criminal defense attorney and home loan. However, these are the topics to generate more cash in Google Adsense and affiliate marketing.

Writing for money is painful at first. However, the fun comes when I see the money rolling in. There is so much fun to check

my Google Adsense account. There is so much fun when I notice the payment for page impressions increasing.

Writing for fun is the opposite.

There is so much fun when I rant about the cost of toilet roll. That article does pull in page views.

However, there is nothing I can sell with that article. The readers are also very passionate about the rising cost of toilet rolls.

However, their passion and my passion do not covert into cash.

That is why writing for fun is not fun when it comes to earning.

It is very rare to find a middle

path between writing for money and writing for fun. In all fairness, I must say that writing for money is not that hard once you have mastered the techniques.

Writing for money gets easier and easier.

I could not imagine how anyone can write ten articles per day when I was new to writing. I could write 5 articles per day in my first year of writing for money.

Now I do not find writing ten articles per day such a big deal. After all, it takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete the ten articles.

Writing for money is fun only when the money comes in. However, writing for fun hardly earns anything.

Are you writing for money or writing for fun?

I prefer writing for money before writing for fun. After I complete the daily task of writing for money, then I start writing for fun.

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