Writing Web Content: Article Structure

Have you paid attention to the article structure when you are writing web content? Do you see a remarkable difference in article structure when you read online and offline articles?

When you are writing web content, you need to unlearn all the things you learnt in school.

We are used to essay writing in the correct examination format. Even when we were young, we learnt about using first paragraph for introduction, last paragraph for conclusion, and three paragraphs for the main body.

That is the article structure for school.

However, you cannot use the same format for writing web content.

Readers do not read articles

online, they scan articles online.

That is why you cannot follow the 5 long paragraphs rule when you are writing web content.

What is the correct article structure for writing web content?

There are a few guidelines to guide writers in writing web content:

1. Keep the sentence short

You can keep the sentence to ten words or less.

2. Keep the paragraph short

Each paragraph contains just one to three sentences. This makes it easier for readers to scan the articles. You must remember that reading online is hard on the eyes.

3. Active voice

Many writers, including me, are fond of using passive voice.

Instead of saying, “The dog bites me”, we tend to say “I am bitten by the dog.”

Sentence in active voice is shorter. Readers find

it easier to read. That is why you need to learn to use active voice in writing web content.

4. White space

You need to make use of white space when you are writing web content.

The usage of white space encourages readers to read until the end.

Readers hate to find all the words cramp together. Just looking at the mass of words is enough to make them go away.

5. Word count

When you are writing web content, you have to pay attention to word count.

Short articles of 250 words or less do not attract the attention of search engine spiders. If you want to write 7,000 words, make sure you split the content with white space and images.

You can use image or advertisement to break a long article into many parts.

As a rule, most writers who are good at writing web content keep the word count between 400 to 1,500 words.

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