Writing For The Web To Make Money Is A Number Game

Writing for the web to make money is a number game.

When you first start writing for the web, you will notice a correlation between the word count in the article, the number of articles, the number of page views, and the amount you earn.

The more you have for each of the important statistics, the more money you will earn.

After a while, you will realize that writing for the web is hard work.

There is no short cut.

You have seen many lazy people who steal the content of others, and you will find that they are not around for long.

No legitimate sites

allow them to copy and spin the articles.

That is not the way to make money.

Writing for the web means to sit down, and write in your own words.

You can do research, and you can use some of the ideas you have read, but you can never copy anything.

You must use your own words.

Let us look at the statistics in this number game.

1. Word count

Writing for the web is all about word count.

Nearly every site has a recommended word count, and a minimum word count.

After you have gotten used to 400 words article, you will usually stop after you have reached 400 words. Sometimes when you are in the mood, you can write 500 words.

Some sites change the word count repeatedly. Helium, a popular writing site, used to allow 200 words content.

Now the minimum is 400 words.

That is why writing for the web is so challenging. You must have enough ideas for an article to reach the minimum word count.

2. Number of articles

Many top writers in various sites have more than 3000 articles. Take a look at Yahoo! Voices, formerly known as Associated Content, and look for those writers with more than 10 million page views.

You do not find them with just a hundred articles.

Writing for the web is a passion for them. The money is a bonus. They will write and continue to write for the readers.

Obviously when the site stops paying, they will look for other sites to write.

3. Number of page views

This is the most interesting number game.

When new writers find that they are not getting enough page views, they shout for help.

They want to find out how to increase page views, even when they have less content.

My advice is to stop thinking about page

views, and just write. The more articles, the more page views.

The time when they run out of writing ideas or do not have the mood to write, then they can analyze their page views.

Page views from search engine are better than page views from social networking.

Search engine traffic brings more income than other sources.

4. Amount

The first payout takes the longest to reach, and is the sweetest of all.

Even when the minimum payout is just 50 cents, as in the case of Triond, it still take a long time to attain the goal.

All writers have the bittersweet experience of watching the earning statistic increases one miserable cent by one miserable cent.

Writing for the web is fun, but watching the money grows is not. The only comfort is that writing for the web brings rewards, including friendship and monetary rewards.

Once you have reached the first payout, and you continue writing for the web, it is a matter of time before you reach the first $100.

After that, you can set your sight on the first $500, and the $1000 mark.

Writing for the web is hard work. It is mental work. Never expect anything less than hard work.

You will reap bountiful monetary reward and great satisfaction if you do not give up.

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