Your Intellectual Asset

Have you heard of the term intellectual asset? Do you have intellectual asset?

Everyone has intellectual asset. However, most people do not know that they have intellectual asset.

For example, when you were taking essay examination in school, your answers were part of the intellectual asset.

If anyone dared to copy your answer, you could report to your teacher. Your teacher would investigate and took action against the person who copied your answer.

That is what intellectual asset is all about.

You may not even think about protecting your intellectual asset, since you know that the answers for the essay examination are solely for the

sake of passing examination.

You know that yours is not even the best answer, since you are not the top student in the school.

When it comes to workplace, you start to realize the importance of protecting intellectual asset.

Your company will not allow anyone else to use the trademark, logo or company name without authorized permission.

If anyone dares to use the trademark, logo or company name for the wrong purpose, the company will take legal action.

You know how important it is to the company to have trade secrets and brand name.

However, do you know that you have intellectual asset as well?

If you are writing for money, your content is your intellectual asset. Nobody can use your work without your approval, unless you give away your rights through licensing the content with Creative Common license.

Do you know that you hold the rights to the content even after your death? That is the way the copyright works.

That is why you cannot even reprint the fiction of the deceased writer, and sell for money. You need

to get the license from the trustee to do so. You have to pay royalty for the books you have sold.

Once the copyrighted period expires, the content belongs to the public domain. Everyone can use the content in whatever way he wants.

That is why it is important to use the same penname or your real name when you publish content online. You should avoid using twenty different pennames. You will find it hard to fight those copyright thefts.

If you have a new design for a handbag or other products, that is another form of intellectual asset.

You can copyright the design. You can also register a company to protect the brand name. It does not cost much to register a company. You can do it online, so that your company can sue anyone for using the design or brand name without your written permission.

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