Tips For Hair Loss Prevention

Hair loss is a daily event. Most of us do not bother to think about hair loss prevention, since we lose about a hundred strands of hair every day.

However, when you are experiencing massive hair loss, you will start to panic.

What are the tips for hair loss prevention?

1. Diet

You have to pay attention to what you eat.

If you take in too much chemicals from junk food and processed food, you will notice the hair loss condition worsen.

It is best to eat healthy food. You will feel the immediate effect when your hair shines with a brightness that radiates health.

2. Avoid

massive doses of vitamins

If you can avoid taking too many vitamins, especially the non-soluble vitamins, please do so.

You can help the body to avoid over dosage of vitamins by limiting the intake of supplements. It is not natural to take in pills after pills.

That does not mitigate the effect of bad diet.

3. Avoid pressure on your hair

If you are always wearing a hat, or tying up your hair very tight, you will experience massive hair loss.

It is very stressful for the hair strands when you continuously put pressure on them.

It is best to tie your hair loosely or just cut your hair short for the time being.

4. Effects of chemicals

You may like to color your hair frequently.

You may like to change your hairstyle by straightening the hair or having a perm.

However, the effects of chemicals on your hair cause hair loss.

If you can avoid using chemicals from gels, coloring or hair strays for a while, you will notice an improvement.

That is one of the easiest way of hair loss prevention.

5. Exercise to improve blood circulation

You may not think of the blood circulation when you are thinking of hair loss prevention.

However, every single cell in your body benefits from a better blood circulation.

If you do not believe that improved blood circulation is the key to hair loss prevention, you can

travel to the countryside.

You can see many rural ladies have very much hair. They do more manual work than you. They have better blood circulation, and that is reflected in their skin and hair.

6. Herbal shampoo

There are many organic herbal shampoo to help you in hair loss prevention.

You can try the herbal shampoo and conditioner instead of the usual shampoo with its chemicals.

If you find the cost of herbal shampoo prohibiting, you may try baby shampoo.

Baby shampoo is very gentle on your scalp. It does not contain surfactant. Some people are allergic to surfactant without knowing it.

They only know that their scalp itches easily. That is the effect of surfactant in most commercial shampoo.

You have to understand that hair loss prevention is not just about hair. It is about your overall health.

If you lead a healthy lifestyle, and eat healthy food, you are not likely to have hair loss problem.

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