Are You Helping People? Are You Happy? Are They Happy?

Everyone exists to help others.

When you go to work everyday, you are helping people. You are helping the customers, your colleagues, your boss, the suppliers and the company.

The problem is that you are paid to do so. When you start to compare your salary with others, you do not feel that you are helping people.

You feel that you are overworked and underpaid.

That is why unhappiness comes from.

If you start to think that you are helping people every day, you will not have such feelings.

The next question is: are you happy helping people?

Many people are very helpful, because they know that

they will be happy only when they do their best.

They know that they exist to help people.

If you do not feel happy, then do not help.

If donating a hundred dollars is going to make you miserable for the rest of the month, and worrying about money, then keep the money.

You know that you can always help others when you have more resources to do so.

You should do everything with a peaceful mind, and a cheerful heart.

Some people like to see their names in the newspaper for charitable acts.

It is all right to do so, if that is your motivation. As long as you are happy doing it.

You can even keep the news to educate the next generation about the happiness that comes from charitable act.

However, the happiness that comes from helping people anonymously is greater than to let the world knows.

The last

question is: are they happy?

If you are offering advise to people who refuse to listen, you are not helping people at all. You are just making a nuisance of yourself.

The listeners may even hate you for meddling into their affair.

For you to feel happy about helping people, the other party must feel happy too.

Do care about the feelings of others when you want to do your part to give them a better life.

Are you helping people? Are you happy? Are they happy?

Real charitable act makes everyone feel like a winner, and the happiness is shared and multiplied.

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