What Is Hoon Pa Yong?

What is Hoon Pa Yong or HPY as it is commonly known?

The simple answer is that Hoon Pa Yong, HPY, is an amulet created specially to protect your house, car, property, and office.

Hoon Pa Yong is meant as a spiritual bodyguard to guard your asset from theft, and to protect you from the harm of black magic and evil spirits.

That was the original intention of this Thai Buddhist amulet.

However, as more and more people like a spiritual bodyguard, and as more monks start to make such amulets, there are now different types of Hoon Pa Yong available.

There are two basic

classification of Hoon Pa Yong, HPY.

One is the spirits type, and another is the non-spirit type.

Let us talk about the non-spirit type of Hoon Pa Yong, as that is the original amulet type.

The building material can be bamboo, straw, soil or metal.

The monks will chant and empower the HPY amulet. This type of amulet is spell based.

The amulet will come with a color cotton thread.

If the thread of the Hoon Pa Yong is red, that means this item is for protecting asset. If the color of the thread is black, that means to protect the owner against black magic.

If the color thread is white, that is used for bringing business to the owner. It is created as a good fortune guardian.

Now let us talk about the spirit type of Hoon Pa Yong.

The building material is usually soil, especially cemetery soil, and the addition of some items, such as coffin nail.

The monks will make and invite a spirit to

reside in the amulet. Such spirits were usually the victims of unnatural deaths, such as suicide or accident or violent crimes.

Such Hoon Pa Yong is more powerful than the spell based amulet.

Some people can even feel the spirit of the amulet protecting them. When you are near to a person using this spirit amulet, you can also feel a power that possibly causes you dizziness or a chill that sends the hairs on your hand to stand up.

You do not need to chant or make offering to Hoon Pa Yong amulet, whether the spell based or the spirit based.

You can see many Hoon Pa Yong amulets for sales at less than $50. However, some powerful ones are going for more than $10,000.

If you ever have a chance to visit Thailand, make sure you know the function of the items you are getting.

Do not just buy a cheap Hoon Pa Yong amulet, and treat it as an accessory. You will get a scare when you feel the presence at night.

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