What Is Phra Pirab?

What is Phra Pirab?

This term, Phra Pirab, appears a few times when I was surfing the internet for Buddhist amulets related information.

The first time was when someone mentioned the opening of his shop, Phra Pirab Occult Specialist, in Singapore.

At that time, I just thought that the name sounded very nice.

I never given further thought to the meaning of this shop.

Later on, in the same discussion forum, someone mentioned the shop owner again.

He was very impressed with the service given by the owner.

He had some problems, and the owner did a ritual for him. The best part of it was that

it was free of charge. The owner of Phra Pirab Occult Specialist did not want to sell any amulet to him, telling him that more amulets would not help him.

Since I heard it twice, I decide to find more about the meaning of Phra Pirab.

You will never guess what is Phra Pirab if you look into it in Buddhism.

Phra Pirab is actually the avatar of Lord Shiva, the powerful God in Hinduism.

The popular Indian story of Ramayana highlights the Phra Pirab.

You may wonder why Buddhists

pray to Hindu God? When the tradition of praying to Phra Pirab appeared in Thailand, they adopted this deity, and made amulets for worship.

Some monks in Thailand have the power to consecrate the amulets of Phra Pirab. However, not many monks know the rituals.

As such, it is still very rare for a person to pray to Phra Pirab, and even rarer to find anyone using the amulets.

Many Hinduism deities are adopted into Chinese, and Thailand culture. It is done mainly through the adoption of the stories, which are mixed into the Buddhism cultures.

That is why a shop that sells mainly Thai amulets use the name of a Hindu God.

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