Coughing At Night And Durian

Coughing at night is one of the most unbearable events in life.

It is bad enough to develop a persistent cough. It is worse if you start coughing at night, especially coughing from midnight all the way to morning.

My mother happens to developing such a cough.

When she starts coughing at home, the whole family wakes up.

She just cannot stop her cough, and we cannot get enough sleep.

We have tried different ways to make her stop coughing at night.

1. Prescription medication

Prescription medication helps her to go to sleep, but it does not stop her cough.

She can sleep soundly and peacefully during the

day time. However, when the clock strikes midnight, it is nightmare for us.

The prescription medication does help to prevent the serious complication of a cough.

2. Chicken essence

Chicken essence with a bit of salt helps to stop her from coughing till death.

After drinking the chicken essence, she can fall asleep and sleep soundly for a few hours. However, she starts again in the early morning.

On hindsight, we should have served chicken essence to her when she just started the cough. The healing properties of the chicken essence could help her get well without medical consultation.

Nobody really knows why chicken essence helps to relieve night cough. Even the manufacturers do not dare to make such a claim.

However, many people have tried it, and they recovered completely.

If you find yourself start to cough at night, the best is to drink chicken essence before bedtime. If coughing at night gets out of hand, you can drink another bottle at night. Remember to add salt.

3. Durian

Durian is the fruit that did the trick.

I bought durian for my mother after one restless night. She ate durian for dinner,

and slept through the night without a single cough.

The cough started again in the early morning. It was less severe. At least she did not cough till the whole bed frame rocked.

I think another serving of durian will do the trick.

The Chinese loves to use the word Heaty to describe durian. If you eat too much durian, and drink not enough water, you will get a fever.

In the case of coughing at night, durian appears to balance the yin and yang of the body system.

If you have the problem of coughing at night, you may like to try durian. That is provided that durian is available in your country.

However, the traditional remedy of ginger juice works for everyone.

You can boil ginger to make tea or just juice the ginger and add hot water.

Coughing at night is a terrifying experience. You need to try all kinds of home remedies or weird remedies in order to get well. Prescription medication does not seem effective at all.

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