Blood Parrot Fish

If you do not know anything about Blood Parrot fish, especially the controversy, you will be astounded by the sheer beauty of the fish.

Blood Parrot fish, or Blood Parrot Cichlid, is an artificial breed.

The Blood Parrot fish is created in Taiwan in 1986 by inbreeding of different Cichlids.

The purpose of creating an artificial fish is for Feng Shui purpose. Many Cichlids are favored by the Asians for the bright red coloration, and the different spots in the body. Many Chinese even go to the extent of deriving lottery numbers based on the pattern of the Cichlids.

Blood Parrot fish is the

ultimate Feng Shui fish. The fish radiates bright red coloration.

When you watch a few Blood Parrot fish swimming in the tank, you are watching a mass of bright red bodies moving elegantly from one end to another end.

Red is a lucky color for the Chinese.

Blood Parrot fish is a lucky fish. Many Chinese do not mind that this particular breed is an artificial breed. They want the fish to improve the luck factor in their life.

Since Blood Parrot fish is a Cichlid, it is a hardy fish. You do not see the fish getting sick frequently.

The Blood Parrot fish retains the greediness of the Cichlid breed.

It is a joy to feed them. Fortunately Blood Parrot fish is not an aggressive fish. You do not see the group of Blood Parrot fish fight like the Oscar fish.

They like to reside peacefully and rarely swim aggressively. The deformities in the spine and fin prevent them from swimming playfully.

They are not territorial. That is why you can put them in a community tank.

You can even keep a few Blood Parrot fish with gold fish or other fishes. However, do not keep the Blood Parrot fish with aggressive fish, such as the Asian Arowana. You will wake up to see the half eaten corpse of the Blood Parrot fish and a satisfied Asian Arowana.

The controversy surrounding Blood Parrot fish is due to the fact that this breed has more than its fair share of deformities.

For such a large fish, the mouth is very small. The mouth never increases in size, even when the fish grows to the full size.

The mouth is one of the most obvious deformities. That is why Cichlid

lovers from all around the world calls for the ban on Blood Parrot fish.

Many owners of the Blood Parrot fish buy bloodworms for the fish. Without the constant feeding of bloodworms, the bright red coloration will fade into orange color.

Blood Parrot fish is generally infertile. However, in some cases, hobbyists wake up to see the pair of Blood Parrot fish guarding over the eggs.

How do you take care of Blood Parrot fish?

The first thing you have to remember is to change the water frequently.

Frequent water change, about 25% every week, makes the fish happy and healthy. You will find that the bright red coloration of the fish retains when you do your job.

The second thing you have to remember is to feed the fish regularly. Since the mouth is so small, you can buy the sink type pellets to feed the fish. It is best to buy the small pellets. You can buy frozen bloodworms as treat for the fish.

If you can avoid falling in love with the Blood Parrot fish in the fish shop, that is best. You can do your part to stop the creation of this artificial breed. Due to all the deformities of this breed, many people feel that it is very cruel to continue breeding the fish.

You can buy other Cichlids which are natural breeds. There are many Cichlids with red coloration, such as the Tiger Red Oscars.

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