Why You Should Write 400 Word Article

If you are finding a writing site to submit articles, you would notice that the minimum word count in many such sites is 400 words.

Even Ezinearticles, one of the largest free article directory, requires 400 words. Given that this site does not pay you a single cent, that means writers do not earn directly from their articles.

They earn only when readers click their link to their websites and buy products.

That means the editors will reject an article that has just 399 words.

What is the significant of an 400 word article? Why you should write an article with 400 words or


Let us look at a few reasons.

1. Content

A common structure of an article is the five paragraphs structure.

That means an introductory paragraph, a summary and three main points.

If you use just 200 words to write the content, that means you are not likely to provide much information to support your three main points.

A longer article allows you to provide substantial evidences to support your points.

2. Seo value

Longer articles have better seo value than shorter ones.

For example, you are writing about diseases affecting tomato plants, and you use just a hundred words. You are finding it hard to compete with longer articles of 800 words.

The search engine robots are programmed to value longer content more than shorter ones.

If you try searching for Make Money Online, you can see that the top ten result brings you to websites with articles of at least 400 words.

It is rare to see a one-liner gaining the top position in search engine result page.

3. Advertising

Many writing sites, such as Triond, Infobarrel, Ezinearticles, and Associated Content, have different advertisements within the text or on the side bars.

You will notice that if the content is too short, not all advertisements will appear.

When you post a 400 word article, you will find that all the advertisements appear. The text

is wrapped around different advertisements.

You can take a look at your article after publication to see the effect.

While some readers are immune to the advertisements as they read the articles, most readers still view the advertisements unconsciously.

They will click on the text links or video when certain words attract their attention.

That is the reason that longer articles potentially make more money for you.

You can gain more traffic with a 400 word article than a 200 word article.

This principle works even if you are writing for your own blog. Readers want to see a page with more text than images or advertisements.

By writing at least 400 words, you are giving the effect that information is more important, and the readers will not feel cheated.

If you can write 800 words or more, that is even better.

How do you do that?

One way is to write 400 words, and publish the content. If the writing site allows you to edit the content, you can add a part two to the article.

That will mean a total of 800 words.

If the writing site does not allow such editing, you can simply post the second part as a standalone content.

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