Asian Arowana: Myths And Beliefs

The Asian Arowana is a majestic fish. Most owners of the Asian Arowana like to see the fish swim. They love to feed the fish and see it jump.

However, the charm of the expensive Asian Arowana is in the myths and beliefs surrounding the fish.

There are many strange tales with the rearing of an Asian Arowana.

The Asian Arowana is known in Chinese as the Dragon Fish. This fish really looks like a dragon, especially when it jumps out of water to catch the food in your hand.

The Asian Arowana can jump up to two meters in the wild to catch

the bird resting on the branch.

What are some of the myths and beliefs surrounding the mythical Asian Arowana?

Asian Arowana: wealth

The Asian Arowana is a Feng Shui fish. Many businessmen love to have the Asian Arowana in the wealth palace of the building.

That is the Feng Shui concept. Feng Shui talks about having water in the right place to bring wealth.

The fact Asian Arowana is the Dragon Fish means that the Asian Arowana can protect the business.

Many businessmen do not get just one fish. They want to get nine Asian Arowana.

Buying nine Asian Arowana means that the business will go on forever. Nine means long in Chinese. Another reason for having nine Asian Arowana is that the Chinese legends mention of nine dragons. According to the legends of the Dragon King, it had nine sons. Each son has a distinct personality and talents.

That is why the businessmen spend so much money to customize a large fish tank for the nine dragon fish.

Asian Arowana: protect the owner

There are many stories of how the Asian Arowana protect the owner.

My brother used to keep one Asian Arowana. When he was hospitalized for dengue fever, the fish jumped out of the tank and died.

On the day that the fish died, my brother started to recover. He was moved from critical unit to normal ward.

The weird thing is that the fish died standing on its tail.

There was another story about a businessman meeting an accident. He escaped serious injuries even though his car was a wreck. He managed to suffer just a few cuts and bruises.

When he got home, he discovered the Asian Arowana broke through the top glass cover, and died.

The Chinese believe that the Asian Arowana will sacrifice its life to take care of the owner.

Asian Arowana: warning

The death of Asian Arowana is often seemed as a warning to the owner.

When I talked to a retired

businessman, he told me of his experience with his nine Asian Arowana.

He kept nine beautiful and expensive Super Red Arowana. One day, he noticed that the Asian Arowana started jumping, as if they wanted to escape from the huge tank.

He thought that the water condition was the reason for the strange behavior of the fish. He changed the water, added salt to the water, checked the water parameter, and did everything that a responsible fish owner would do.

However, four out of nine Asian Arowana managed to jump out and died.

Four means death in Chinese. He knew that this is a sign from heaven that his business was going to suffer. As expected, his cycle of bad luck started. His business started to lose money. He was cheated by someone.

He lost his business in the end.

Asian Arowana: Understand the owner

Many proud owners of Asian Arowana will swear that their beloved fish understand their thoughts.

My colleague kept an Asian Arowana for about eight years.

Once he promised the dragon fish that he would buy a bigger tank if the fish let him win the lottery.

He did win the lottery. The prize was more than double the cost of the new and bigger fish tank.

My colleague swears that his fish understands him more than his wife.

Are you eager to keep an Asian Arowana now? Bear in mind that the Asian Arowana is a protected fish under CITES. The cost for a baby Asian Arowana is in the range of a few hundred dollars. You need to save money to get the lucky fish.

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