Khun Paen Amulets Are Very Popular Thai Amulets

Many people have seen Khun Paen amulets without knowing what these are.

You do not even have to visit Thailand to see the believers using Khun Paen amulets or the shops selling them.

You are very likely to see people wearing these or using them as key chains.

You are more likely to see businessmen and gamblers using Khun Paen amulets than other working adults.

What is the purpose of Khun Paen amulets?

Before we look into the amulets, let us have some background information of Khun Paen.

He is a historical hero of Thailand. He was a warrior as well as a skilled practitioner of

Buddhism magic.

He lived more than 500 years ago.

There are numerous songs and poems depicting his creation of Guman Thong.

He was a well-known warrior with powerful magical power. Many women seemed to fall in love with him, despite knowing that he had many wives.

One of the legends told of his creation of powerful Guman Thong. He took the still born fetus from one of his wives, and roasted the body until it became a small amulet. He chanted magic words while roasting the fetus to invoke the powerful spirit.

He became the first person to create Guman Thong.

As of today, Guman Thong amulet is one of the most popular amulets made by Buddhist monks in Thailand.

However, the methods of creating Guman Thong change. The monks no longer roast dead babies.

They use the soil or flesh from the dead children to create the item.

Many Khun Paen amulets still feature Khun Paen with Guman Thong.

Some examples of Khun Paen amulets feature him

with chicken, horse, sword, or a combination, such as Guman Thong and a chicken.

The popularity of such amulets is due to the beliefs that having such amulets can bring good luck in the casino.

It is obviously not true for all people, otherwise many people will get rich without hard work.

The popularity of such amulets is likely due to the movie about the legends of Khun Paen.

Not all people have good experience with Khun Paen amulets. While some experience good luck, and they have better relationship with their loved ones, some people just have the opposite experience.  

There is no doubt that the amulets are very powerful, even if the effects are in the negative.  If you are suitable to use such powerful amulets, you will attract wealth and love into your life.  You will have less enemies too, as Khun Paen is a warrior to help you overcome obstacles.

It is best to exercise caution when you want to get such powerful amulets.

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