Expensive Good Luck Pendant Made From Human Remains

Would you pay more than a thousand dollars to buy a good luck pendant?

The high price is due to the fact that the good luck pendant is made from human remains.

Before you vomit your food out, let us talk about the high demand for such an expensive good luck pendant.

The one I have in mind is known as Dao Mae Nur Hom Roon Reak. That is the Thai name. It means lucky star amulet.

The first batch of Lucky Star Amulet was made by Luang Phor Pinak. He was from the Wat Sanamlao Saraburi in Thailand.

The story about his magical good

luck pendants said that a nun wanted to gain more merits. This nun asked Luang Phor Pinak to use her flesh to make amulets.

Luang Phor Pinak agreed.

He used her flesh to make a batch of Lucky Star amulets, and consecrated and blessed them.

The official temple catalogue mentioned that the Lucky Star amulets contain the blessing of the five Past Lord Buddhas, one Guardian Spirit and eight Enlightened Arahuntras.

The expensive good luck pendant is reputed to help the user in the following areas:

1. Charm and Attraction

The good luck pendant contains human flesh of a nun, and thus provides the user with occult power for attraction and charm.

2. Protection from Evil

The occult power inherent in the expensive good luck pendant has the power to ward off evil, and magical attack.

It can protect you from harm, and danger.

3. Wealth and Luck

The good luck

pendant will increase the wealth and luck of the owner.

It does not mean that a person can stop working, and expect to get lucky.

Buddhism teaching does not encourage laziness. It means that the expensive good luck pendant can help to smooth the path to success.

A person can see the improvement in his business, life, and career.

4. Happiness and peace

The user will gain inner peace and happiness from the Lucky Star Amulet.

As the user bonds with the Lucky Star amulet, he will feel the magical power of it.

The question is: do you have the courage to wear an expensive good luck pendant, knowing that it contains the human remains of a nun?

The next question is: do you have the money to get such an item?

Some people are willing to fork out thousand of dollars just for the novelty of an item.

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