Caring For My Asian Arowana

Asian Arowana is a protected fish. That is why Asian Arowana is so expensive.

However, Asian Arowana is a very hardy fish. It does not die easily nor get sick easily.

The male Asian Arowana can even go without food for a whole month. That is a feat that most pets cannot match.

You can go for a holiday and return two weeks later to find the Asian Arowana alive and hungry.

I have acquired an Asian Arowana recently. When I bought the fish a few months ago, it was just six inches. Now it is more than a feet.

Caring for my Asian Arowana

is the easiest task in the world.

How to care for an Asian Arowana?

Asian Arowana: change 20% of the water every week

It is better to change 20% of the water every week. The fact that only 20% of the water is changed means that you do not need to add anti chlorine solution to the water.

In Singapore context, tap water is good enough for the Asian Arowana.

Asian Arowana: add salt

Asian Arowana is a strong fish. However, there are bacteria and organisms living in the water that can hurt the fish.

It is not uncommon to find the bacteria attacking the tail of the Asian Arowana. It is good to add in some salt to the tank with every change of water.

Adding salt to the water can cure most problems easily. There is no need to use the commercial solutions to treat the fish.

Asian Arowana: taking care of sick fish

There are a few signs that the fish is sick.

The appetite is often the first indication of the problem. When you see that the fish stops eating, and does not show eagerness to see the food, you need to change 20% of the water immediately.

Another indication of a

sick fish is the breathing problem. Asian Arowana does not open its mouth unless it is eating.

If the fish is opening the mouth as if to breathe, you need to change the water immediately.

Never change more than 20% of the water in the tank.

You can change 20% of the water in the tank on the first day. Add some salt into the tank. You can change another 20% of the water in the tank on the second day. Remember to add in salt.

The best is to change 20% of the water for three consecutive days, you will notice that the fish looks more active.

The moment the Asian Arowana starts looking for food, and starts to eat greedily, you know that everything is fine again.

The key is to change water immediately when you notice the Asian Arowana is not feeling well. You do not need to wait until the Asian Arowana is very sick to take action.

The fact that Asian Arowana is a very expensive fish merits your full attention. A full grown Asian Arowana, especially the expensive types, can cost more than ten thousand dollars.

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